Customer reports from round the globe

Fallow deer in Hungary

We received this beautiful pictures from Nina Krasny, who shot this fallow deer with her new STEYR MANNLICHER CL II .308 Win. in the southeast of Hungary near Gyula.
So we wish her a “kräftiges Weidmannsheil”!

Oryx in Namibia

“Dear Mannlicher “Schießplatzteam”.
Thank’s for your support. After e few attempts i was able to short this wonderful oryx with my perfect set STEYR MANNLICHER .30-06 Spr. which i bought in your shop.
A great experience made possible by your perfect work.
Best regards, Veronika Kollmann”

Roe buck and deer buck in England

Neil Gatward shot this roe buck with Steyr Mannlicher Pro-Hunter Mountain, cal. .30-06 Spr.. The range was only 130 meters. The second picture is a deer buck shot with Steyr Mannlicher Pro-Hunter, ca. .243 Win. from approx 100 meters and measured at a Gold Medal for the species.

Marmota bobak in Kazakhstan

Elnar Shaya shot this three marmota bobaks with Steyr-Mannlicher Pro-Hunter, cal. .308 Win. at a range of 200 m and sent us this great picture.

Roe buck in sweden

Christopher from Stockholm sweden shot this roe buck in Tobo uppland at a range of 70 meters using his Steyr Mannlicher Pro-Hunter Mountain, cal. 9,3x62 and sent us this wonderful picture.

155kg Boar near Kosice

Nearby Kosice an owner of a MANNLICHER CLASSIC Fullstock was able to shoot a Boar on 247meters. The caliber .30-06 Spr. was the ideal choice thanks to a perfect hit. Weidmannsheil

Red deer in Serbia

Manfred Neumaier sent us this nice picture from his first red deer. He was using his new MANNLICHER CLASSIC 7x64 (11,3g Nosler).

"Berner Jägerin"

Karin Allenspach from Switzerland got her first hunting license in spring 2013. She passed her test with flying colors. By surprise she won a STEYR MANNLICHER Classic Light in .308 Win at a Tombola from the Swiss Hunting Association. And now, her first hunting trip was quite successful … lucky girl. All the best for the future from STEYR MANNLICHER!

Bronze medal fallow deer

Our Friend from Bulgaria bought his STEYR MANNLICHER ProHunter in 2013. And during a Bulgarian hunt in Nov 2013 he was able to shoot this bronze medal fallow deer. Welcome to the STEYR MANNLICHER family!

Wildebeest and Blesbok

Jorge Mujica hunted both animals in the same farm near Belfast, South Africa with STEYR MANNLICHER Pro Hunter rifle using a federal cartridge.


hunting Reindeer in Greenland

I would like to share with you a photo from a September reindeer hunting trip in West Greenland, where I am currently living, three men, five minutes, 9 reindeer. In addition to the four we had shot earlier in the day. The photo shows some of the catch. There is essentially no road in Greenland, you go by boat to the area and walk from shore. The following day was hard. Eleven hours with heavy backpacks to carry some 400 kg of meat back to shore. Winter supply definitely has been secured. My .308 win STEYR Scout Rifle works well.

Christoforos from Sweden

Christoforos from Sweden shot this roe deer in the North of Stockholm at a distance of 70m with his MANNLICHER PRO HUNTER, using 15gr ammunition in 9,3x62 calibre.

Hunter and reservist from Netherlands

A happy owner with his STEYR ELITE in .308 Win. The rifle is used on the shooting range and hunting. Congratulations to this perfect grouping of 10 rounds and “Weidmannsheil” for the buck!

Weidmannsheil, Mr. Kamenov!

Our bulgarian customer, Mr. Kamenov, shot this roe buck with his STEYR MANNLICHER ProHunter rifle in 6.5x68 at a distance of 340 meters! Good shot, Mr. Kamenov!

Red stag

Mr. Karl Wögerer shot this stag with his STEYR MANNLICHER 8x68S in Allensteig.
Distance: 220m.

Ibex and Bezoar Ibex

This nice Ibex and Bezoar Ibex was killed in the amazing landscape of Kyrgyzstan and Turkey with a clean shot out of a STEYR ProHunter .300WM from our good friend Miles Sandy from Austrialia.
Weidmannsheil, Miles!

“Hubertus” Competition Shooting in St. Gallen

Our colleague, Christoph Hofer won this competition (Hubertus Shooting 27.10.12) with his STEYR MANNLICHER Classic Match in .222 Remington. The distance was 150 meters.

Covering circle shooting contest in Bad Zell

Mr. Hans Rödhammer reached the 3rd place in this shooting contest.
He used his MANNLICHER CLASSIC hunting match, cal. .222Rem. Congratulations!

Abnormal roe buck

At a hunting trip in Hampshire (England) Mr. Cawte was able to get this abnormal roe buck on his last stalk of the season with his brand new Mannlicher Classic Halfstock in .243 and Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50 scope and using a Norma 100grn bullet. Weidmannsheil!

Young marmot

Our Swiss distributor, Mr. Bernhard Blaser shot this young marmot at 150 meters with his STEYR ProVarmint in the head with a single shot.

Bear hunt

Successful hunt. He used our MANNLICHER  Big Bore .450 Marlin.

Schatzis’ trophy Kudu

Schatzi Mohr from South Africa took this 62.75 inch Kudu, shot at 127 metres, full frontal shot, truly a magnificent spiral horned antelope. It will enter the Rowland Ward book of records, where it joins a few other antelope placed in the book magnificent trophy, a memorable hunt, a great rifle and super optics, WAIDMANSHEIL und WAIDMANNSDANK!!!!!!! The rifle was a STEYR Mannlicher Luxus in .30-06.

MANNLICHER LUXUS calibre .30-06 Springfield

I shot this 3 year old roe buck with my MANNLICHER LUXUS and the Kahles scope CBX 3-12x56 on 200m. I had my best hunting experiences together with my new companion the MANNLICHER LUXUS and I'm really happy to have it. Weidmannsheil

Hunt during the rod with .376 Steyr

Mr. Legenstein shot this good red stag on a hunt during the rod in Hungary. With his MANNLICHER SCOUT .376 Steyr he needed only 1 shot on 180m using a shooting stick. Weidmannsheil!

Weidmannsheil in the south of Bavaria

Mr. Markus Husterer shot this wild boar during an evening hunt in Bavaria/Germany. He was using a STEYR MANNLICHER Classic in 8x68S with mounted Zeiss optics and Norma ammo. The Boar died in his tracks.

Shooting contest in Mürzzuschlag

Once more our colleague Mr. Weißenstreiner is the winner of Gissing Waffen shooting contest. He used his MANNLICHER CLASSIC .222Rem. Congratulations!

Abnormal fallow deer

Mr. Johannes Kerschbaumer shot this abnormal fellow deer in a hunting place in Hungary on 200m with his MANNLICHER CLASSIC .30-06 Spr. Weidmannsheil!

Hunting in the east of Slovakia

Mr. Ervin Hulic sent us these pictures after successful hunt. Rifle: Steyr Mannlicher mountain 30-06; Ammo: S&B, Sierra bullet 11,7 g; Shooting distance: 150 m; Game: wild boar (150-160 kg).

Hunt in the early morning

Manfred Rieback with his MANNLICHER Full Stock in .308Win. shot this wild boar (110 kg).

Gold medal roe buck

This English gold medal roe buck is shot by Tomo Svetic from Artemis Hunting Ltd. using MANNLICHER PRO HUNTER in .260Rem.

First roebuck

The young hunter Matthias Oberreiter: "I shot the 3 year old buck Friday evening and on Saturday evening this 1 year old. Both were shot with my extremely precise MANNLICHER PRO HUNTER .270 Win. With 1 shot."

Customer report from Sweden

Christoforos from Sweden shot this roebuck with his MANNLICHER PRO HUNTER cal. 9,3x62 using ammunition from Lapua (Mega). Shooting distance: 80m!


Once again, PH Zoltan Kovacs from South Africa shot this very nice male lion with his client. The Distance was only 22 Meters (24 yards)! His client was using a STEYR MANNLICHER bolt action rifle in .458 Win. Mag.

White Rhino

PH Zoltan Kovacs from Africa shot this nice Rhino with his beloved STEYR MANNLICHER rifle in .458 Winchester Magnum.

Hunting in the UK

Mr. Yves Colle sent us these nice pictures after hunting with his MANNLICHER CLASSIC in .270Win.

„Blue Wildebeest“

Mr. Thinus Werneulen shot this pretty good Blue Wildebeest in South Africa with the STEYR MANNLICHER rifle of PH Zoltan Kovacs. He used the good old European 6.5x57 - and it worked out just fine.

Very good result!!

Very good shooting result with his STEYR SSG08 in .243Win. we received from Tatai - Peru.

Red stag in Queensland

Peter Watman from Australia shot this red stag in Queensland! Weidmannsheil!

[Translate to English:] Weißwedelhirsch in Finnland

[Translate to English:] Sehr zufrieden mit seiner neuen SCOUT ist Hr. Toppari aus Finnland.
Hier zu sehen nach erfolgreicher Jagd eines Weißwedelhirsches.


Hunting at night

Mr. Oscar Gras after first night hunting with his new SCOUT rifle cal..308Win.!
(distance 70m, ammunition .308Win. Federal Nosler Partition)

Pictures from Namibia

Some nice pictures from Mr. Felix Postl after successful hunt with his MANNLICHER CLASSIC cal..30-06 Springf. Mr. Postl said: "They died in their tracks!"

Four Buffalos

Our good Australian friend, Tim Lloyd with one out of four Buffalos recently shot with my Pro-Hunter Mountain 9.3 x 62mm using Hornady Dangerous Game Series Ammunition 286 grain Interlock SP- RP bullet.

Red stag and wild boar

The Red Stag was taken by Tomo Svetic from ARTEMIS HUNTING LTD in Croatia with his beloved .30-06 STEYR rifle at a 180 meters with a 180 grains Nosler Partition.
The wild boar was shot by one of his clients, Jordie from the UK with the same rifle. We hope he soon recovers from the ”scope kiss” :-).
The rifle has more than 1000 rounds fired and the accuracy is still around 14 mm (less than ½ MOA).


Mrs. Kovacs killed these pretty nice Oryx in South Africa with her beloved STEYR MANNLICHER in 6.5x57. One was shot at 185 meters and the other at 220 meters. Good work, Mrs. Kovacs!

impressions from spain

Some impressions from Luis Perez de Leon on his successful hunting trips.
He is using a MANNLICHER PRO HUNTER .300Win. Mag. and a MANNLICHER SCOUT .308Win.
Many thanks and Weidmannsheil!

"...the earth shook..."

Deb Ferns from „“ had big success in Colorado on this 1300 lbs Bison bull with her STEYR Pro Alaskan in .30-06. The bull dropped right in his tracks after the bullet hits and ...”the earth shook”...

Bison Bull weighed 1100 punds

This is Clyde from Louisiana with his STEYR PRO HUNTER Stainless in .300 Win Mag on a bison hunt in North Dakota. The Bison Bull weighed 1100 punds. Clyde simply says: “best gun I’ve ever owned” – thank you, Clyde! We’re proud you like it.

Competition Shooting in St. Gallen


Our colleague, Rudolf Weissensteiner won this competition with his STEYR MANNLICHER Classic Match in .222 Remington. Also the second place was a STEYR MANNLICHER rifle in .222 Rem.
The distance was 150 meters.

Successful hunt

Successful hunt with new STEYR MANNLICHER Classic, cal. 7x64 lefthand stock. Mr. Mag. Gerhard Weswaldi shot this chamois at 250m in the Brunnalm.



For Mr. Zoltan Kovacs, a professional hunter in South Africa, STEYR MANNLICHER is the best rifle in the world (his words). 
Here are some of his latest success stories: a mountain Reedbuck at 225 meters and a Waterbuck at 150 meters, both with his STEYR LUXUS in 8x68S.

Hunting in "down under"

Peter Watman from Australia a big fan of the MANNLICHER SCOUT isn’t just having big success with his SCOUT on the Shooting range, but also hunting pigs.

Red Stag

Mr. Berhard Blaser, our swiss distributor with a Red Stag cub in the swiss mountains. The STEYR MANNLICHER in caliber 9.3x62 did a perfect job – as always.

FCSA world championship

At the FCSA world championship in the US the brand new STEYR HS.50-M1 (M for magazine) made its way - out of the box - immediately to the top ranks!

Fox hunting with STEYR PRO VARMINT

Mr. Liam Kavanagh send us new picture from fox hunting with his STEYR PRO VARMINT. Its up to fox number 61 for the year now!


The big Australian STEYR MANNLICHER Fan Mr. Watman shot these boars amongst others with his beloved MANNLICHER SCOUT .308 Win. Weidmannsheil!

2 approx. 200kg heavy boars

Mr. Kerschbaumer shot this 2 approx. 200kg heavy boars in turkey with his MANNLICHER CLASSIC Mountain 9,3x62.

Fox hunting in Australia

I would just like to thank you for the Steyr Pro Varmint that I purchased. This is without doubt the most accurate rifle I have ever laid my hands on. My first outing with it I shot 16 foxes at ranges from 200 - 500 meters. Then proceeded to shoot 37 more foxes over the next 3 nights. I have spent countless hours lying on rabbit warrens and regularly make shots out to 600 meters on rabbits. This rifle loves Sierra 69 gr projectiles. I thought I would send you some photos of my adventures with the Steyr.
Liam Kavanagh
Pic. 1: First shot in the field from the Pro Varmint is a 300 meter head shot
Pic. 2: 2 foxes shot at 400 meters
Pic. 4: 600 meter rabbit

Hunting in Australia


Mr. Pete Watman and his friend John Gowing on hunting in Australien with his STEYR SCOUT rifles.

Elk in Arizona

Todd Cast from TNT OUtdoor Explosion Television shot this Elk in the Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona with this STEYR MANNLICHER Luxus rifle.

Hunt in Zimbabwe

Mr.  Juan Antonio Galmez ;from Chile shoot this Cheetah male at 150 meters with his STEYR .300Win. Mag.

Successful in hunting

Mr. Kovacs shoot this common waterbuck with his STEYR MANNLICHER - 6,5x57 on 85 m. And his client this wayt buffolo in Zambia with his STEYR MANNLICHER .458 Win. Mag.

Chamoix on 260 meter

Mrs. Maria Dolecek shot this 12 year old chamoix with her new MANNLICHER CLASSIC Fullstock on 260 meter! The 9,7 gr. HP Nosler Partition has excellent results also on the shooting range!

Wild boar in Sumatra - Indonesia

Mr. Leonard Rana Atmadja shoot this wild boar on 100m with  STEYR MANNLICHER Mod. M - .270 Win. 
He is using ammunition from Remington 130 gr Boat tail Soft point.

Professional hunter in SA

Mr. Zoltan Kovacs a registered professional hunter and outfitter in SA is the proud owner of 2 STEYR MANNLICHER rifles (cal. 6,5x57 and .458 Win.Mag.).
He shoot this Nyala in the Limpopo province at 150 m.


Mr. Ken Kempa shot this 3 shot group at 100 yards with a brandnew STEYR MANNLICHER Pro Hunter, .308 Win, out of the box with a Hornady 168 gr. A-Max factory load.

8 years old chamois

Bernhard Blaser, the STEYR MANNLICHER distributor Switzerland, shot this 8 years old chamois at around 100 yards on the first day of season. The chamois died in her tracks.

Marmot and red stag.

Successful hunt with STEYR MANNLICHER! Mr. Haslehner shot his first marmot with his MANNLICHER CLASSIC .222 Rem. at 200m in the Wölzer Tauern. Shooting distance: 150m! Shortly after that he shot his first Hungarian red stag with his MANNLICHER CLASSIC Mountain .30-06 Spr. Weidmannsheil!

Oryx shot with 7mm STW.

Mr. Martin Rudorfer shot this Oryx with his MANNLICHER PRO HUNTER in the custom made caliber 7mm STW. Weidmannsheil!

Fox died in his tracks!

After making her hunting license Mrs. Angelika Potthoff shot this fox with her MANNLICHER ULTRA LIGHT. It was her first game! Weidmannsheil!

US Hunting TV Show


These pictures are from Todd und Tia, members of the US outdoor TV show hosted by Todd and Tia.


Mr. Konstantions Semos from Athens, sent us his grouping (10 rounds) on 300m with this STEYR ELITE .308 Win.

2 roe bucks and 2 foxes in 4 weeks

Mr. Florian Lemsitzer, proud owner of the Mountain hunting - young hunters package shot already 2 roe bucks and 2 foxes in 4 weeks with his new rifle! Weidmannsheil!

Good Shot, Bernhard!

Mr. Bernhard Blaser, the STEYR MANNLICHER representative of STEYR MANNLICHER in Switzerland killed this roebuck with his brand new STEYR MANNLICHER Full Stock rifle in 7x64.  Good Shot, Bernhard! 

Artemis Hunting ltd. highly recommend Steyr rifles.

On this roe buck we (Mr. Tomo Svetic from Croatia with his US client) tested the .30-06 STEYR PRO HUNTER Stainless with Sako 180gr Hammerhead and this bullet worked fine on deer and boar as well. The grouping at 100m was way less than 20mm. This deer was shot at 80m. Because of great abilities in all conditions Steyr Pro Hunter Stainless steel was the official rifle for Artemis Hunting ltd. in season 2008./2009. Artemis Hunting ltd. highly recommend Steyr rifles.

Bronze medal for roebuck

Mr. Salvatori shot this roebuck beginning of May in Hungary (bronze medal!!) at 160 meters with his proudly owned Steyr Mannlicher in 243Win. Thanks for a great rifle, he just ordered a new one in 8x68S.

Well done, Debbie!

Debbie from "Babes with Bullets" with her first buffalo. A quick and clean kill with her STEYR ProAlaskanin .30-06! Well done, Debbie!

"Professional Hunter" in Südafrika

Darázsi Viktor worked as a PH in South Africa. His rifle is a STEYR Luxus in 8x68S. A clean headshot at 80 meters ended the Hippos life. As you can see even really big and dangerous game is no limit for the STEYR.

Chamois at 330 m

"My first shot with my new MANNLICHER Classic cal. 7mmRM at about 330 m. The chamois died in his tracks."
Best regards. Brian Wichmann

A really good shot!

A really good shot! A well done shot from Mr. Alexander Wimberger with his STEYR MANNLICHER SSG69 PII in .308 Win at 100 meters. His practice target was an empty shell in 7.62x51 NATO.

Accuracy at its best!

Mr. Rupert Gruber, an official of the Lower Austrian Hunting Association, won a Game Warden Shooting Competition in Styria with this shot. He was using a STEYR MANNLICHER CLASSIC in .243 Winchester.

Good Roebuck in Hungary!

Hereby I proudly present my good roebuck from Hungary. Shot from the prone position at 200 meters the buck died in his tracks.I will never use another rifle than my STEYR MANNLICHER CLASSIC in .270 Win.

Hunting in The Netherlands

"I shot this roe deer with my Classic Mannlicher Stutzen 30-06 a few weeks ago in my hunting grounds in The Netherlands. My Labrador Max (2,5 years old) looks as proud as Lucifer!"
"A wonderful weapon and I have just ordered a Classic Mannlicher Goiserer in .223 for foxes etc."
Best regards from The NetherlandsKees Jan Meijer

"Waidmannsheil" with new MANNLICHER LUXUS

Elke Bauer killed this 6 year old female Chamois at about 140 yards with the new STEYR MANNLICHER LUXUS rifle in the Austrian Mountains. She used a 165 grains .308 Winchester bullet from Sierra. As a typical European "one shot kill" the chamois died right there in his tracks.

American Bison

Thanks for a great rifle. This is a more than 1100lb North American Bison I killed over the weekend. Sub freezing conditions with ice on everything and as usual the Steyr Scout was 100% reliable. This makes the fourth Bison I have killed with this rifle  and I have to say it is the finest big game gun/cartridge combination I have ever used. Clean, reliable kill everytime. The lightweight really pays off when you are trying to stalk in these conditions. The cartridge is great. I hope you continue to market this gun and cartridge because they excellent. 
Ed Smith, Colorado USA

Outstanding accuracy!

Accuracy of a satisfied customer with his MANNLICHER PRO HUNTER .308 Win. and his MANNLICHER PRO VARMINT .223 Rem. 

Bison - 1,000 lb

First time huntress Cathy Kempa (New Mexico, USA) dropped this 1,000 lb bison with one shot at 134 long paces, using her new Steyr ProHunter in .308 Winchester.  She is now hooked on hunting, and is working on her "shopping list" for big game she wants to harvest, while with her husband!

Weidmannsheil with Ferrari red custom rifle

Katharina Sturzeis, chairperson of an austrian hunting club for women, working in jewelry business (Halder / Vienna) ordered a MANNLICHER PRO HUNTER with Ferrari red stock from the MANNLICHER Custom Shop.
On June 5th 2007 she shot her first roe buck of the season, in her hunting ground in Mauerbach near Vienna with her so called "roten Fähe".

Hunting in the bush

Dr. Georg Salzner with his MANNLICHER PRO HUNTER .376 Steyr in Africa. He shot, next to other game, a strong oryx on 150m and was very impressed by the 270 gr Hornady bullet.

Strong Kudu in Africa

Franz Xaver Dietl shot a koodoo in very cliffy territory on 180 meters with his MANNLICHER PRO HUNTER .376 Steyr, Hornady 270gr TM. All participants have been attacked by wild wasps while recovering the koodoo. A very painful but also unforgetable experience.

Successful hunt in Australia

Kath Clapham with her MANNLICHER CLASSIC  fullstock 8x57 after successful hunt in her hunting ground.

A pretty good roe buck for our colleague

Oliver Bauer, International Sales Manager of STEYR MANNLICHER with his MANNLICHER Full Stock in .30-06 using Hornday Light Magnum Interbond 150 grains bullets.
A pretty good roe buck in the Austrian Alps! Distance: 196 meters.

Rut of the stags in Hungary

Mr. Roman Sodoma shot this stag with his MANNLICHER CLASSIC Fullstock 9,3x62 during the rut of the stags 2006 in Hungary.
With his approx. 9  kg (weight of trophy) a pretty good red stag!

Expedition to Greenland


After a one and a half year preparation Philipp Benda and Lukas Brandner have started to cross Greenland from south to the north as the fourth expedition team worldwide. 
Twosome, on foot, with skis, with kiteglider and  without any outside assistance. 
For protection against possible attacks from polar bears they had a  MANNLICHER SCOUT .376 Steyr in their luggage.
Unfortunately the expedition had to be aborted after Lukas Brandner slumped  into a crevasse.