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STEYR MANNLICHER revives the century old, highly exclusive technique of coloured case hardening. The MANNLICHER CLASSIC Antique unites traditional finish with state-of-the-art arms technology.

The visually pleasing model MANNLICHER CLASSIC Antique comprises a special coloured case hardening finish of housing, bolt handle, breech plug cap, magazine cover, screw base, trigger guard, rear sight base and front sight base.



Zur Abrundung des Bildes erhalten Lauf und Systemschrauben eine entsprechend gebläute


In addition, barrel and system screws get a blued finish.Besides the ostensible idea of visually pleasing design, this type of surface treatment entails technical advantages too.

The process of hardening causes extremely hard surface conditions of the treated parts, which enteals a higher wear resistance. Components treated this way have a higher resistance against corrosion and mechanical stress.



The MANNLICHER CLASSIC "Antique" combines exquisite design, first class quality, long lifetime and excellent precision in one exclusive rifle. With this novelty we want to accommodate the requirements of our customers with exalted requirements.

Please consider that for this special model we have up to 6 months delivery time.